How Did Labo Circuits Get Started?

In 1989, Denis Josien decided to start his own printed circuit board manufacturing company. He rented a 1500-square-foot facility and acquired some basic equipment to start up the business. He surrounded himself with a team of professionals who share his unique vision of caring customer service, integrity and quality.

Labo Circuits: what service is all about! We have been manufacturing printed circuit boards for thirty years with the same passion. We serve more than 400 customers in many fields of activity: transportation, traffic signals and lighting, telecommunication, process control, security, aerospace, audiovisual equipment, etc….

With the best prices in Canada, fast turnaround times and consistent quality, the company wants to continue to grow in order to meet all its customers’ requirements for printed circuit board design and manufacture.

— Our reliability, your success ! —


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What Does Labo Circuits Do to Adapt to You?

Whether you are a buyer, an engineer, a public service employee or a student, the Labo Circuits team wants its relationship with you to be based on trust and integrity.

Therefore, we will put you in touch with the person who can answer your questions, and even refer you to an outside resource when necessary.

Information can be simplified, if necessary, to ensure that you understand all the issues related to production of your electronic circuit boards. PCB Design, customised projects, prototypingplease contact us.



What are the advantages of traceability in printed circuit board manufacturing?

Approximately ten years ago, Labo Circuits brought in a team of research and development programmers to design a high-performance, sophisticated in-house software for tracking each order.

This fully integrated system tracks all communications and individual components for a particular order. This information is recorded in a database with different password-protected channels. Access depends on the position held in the company. Employees can easily obtain the information most useful to them for the task they perform in the production line. Access to other channels requires specific training.

The software is a significant asset for Labo Circuits, providing information about production of a printed circuit board or making it possible to update an order delivered several months or even years before.

The system tracks production in real time on computer screens and supplies reliable statistics on the company’s performance. It is easy to see who worked on a project, when, which materials were used, etc.

The system has proven its worth: it significantly reduces the risk of errors associated with circuit board manufacture and even prevents financial disasters. You will be reassured to know that all the information concerning your order is recorded in order to facilitate problem solving.