PCB Capabilities

Labo Circuits inc. - Specs
Maximum layers count16
Maximum aspect ratio12:1
Maximum board Dimension24" x 24
Minimum rigid board thickness0.003"
Maximum rigid board thickness0.250"
Minimum drill hole size0.0059"
Minimum line width0.003"
Minimum spacing0.003"
Maximum copper weight Internal3oz
Maximum copper weight external10oz
Solder mask dam minimal0.003"
Minimum trace width on silkscreen0.004"
Available finishesMost commons: Enig, Lead-Free SN100C and OSP Also available: Silver, Full hard gold plating
Solder mask colorsMost commons: Green & black (semi-gloss and mat), blue and super white (For led applications) Also available: Red, Orange, Yellow, clear and all other custom colors
Silkscreen colorsWhite, Yellow, Black and Grey (other custom colors also available on demand)
MaterialsFR4 130Tg (UL V-0 approved)
FR4 170Tg (UL V-0 approved)
Isola 185HR and 370HR (UL V-0 approved)
MCPCB With Ventec VT4A1 and VT4B3 (UL V-0 approved)
MCPCB double sides and back access option (UL V-0 approved)
Taconic (all series)
Rogers (all series)
Panasonic RF775 flex material
Controlled impedance10 %
Blind / Buried viasOui
Conductive / non conductive filled viasOui
Via in PadYes
Sequential LaminationYes
Hybrid material laminationYes
Countersink / CounterboreYes
Edge Castellation / Edge PlatingYes
Carbonk inkYes